Behavioral Health

Grantmaking in the area of behavioral health (mental health and substance use and abuse) focuses on:

1)   Expanding access to local behavioral health services;
2)   Research and training on best-practices for our rural communities;
3)   Supporting multi-level and multi-targeted prevention and early intervention efforts.

Accessing behavioral health services in a rural area can be particularly difficult.  Often there is a limited supply of practitioners and issues regarding insurance, distance, availability of evening and weekend visits, cost, transportation, potential language barriers, etc.  FCH has approached this access issue from many different angles with many different types of grants. FCH has funded everything from establishing new services to providing support for primary care physicians regarding behavioral health concerns and medication of their patients; from funding school-based prevention funding to training in Mental Health First Aide; from supporting community coalitions to combat substance abuse to supporting a school-based prevention specialist.

Most recently, FCH has provided a planning grant to the Health and Wellness Center of Greater Torrington in partnership with Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and McCall Behavioral Health Services to establish an integrated services clinic for primary care, mental health and substance abuse treatment in the North Canaan area.