Grantmaking in the area of Transportation is focused on:

1)   Maintaining current levels of service while exploring ways to increase ridership and decrease dependence on grant funding.
2)   Evaluation of the use and effectiveness of currently supported transportation services in our area.
3)   Attracting more partners in funding (especially from government) for local transportation providers so as to assist them in achieving greater self-sufficiency.

FCH has been working in the field of local transportation since its inception.  Our large and rural service area has identified transportation as a critical need for our residents.  Over the years, FCH has funded studies and surveys that help to inform the creation and adjustment of transportation services in our area.  FCH has funded the founding, the ongoing operations and the expansion of several transportation programs serving our residents.  For Example:

Geer Adult Day Care at the Geer Nursing and Rehabilitation organization in North Canaan, CT has received funding nearly every year to expand and maintain the expansion of services in our towns of the Northwest Corner of CT.  The program went from about 2,500 rides annual to at times over 8,000 rides.

Columbia County Healthcare Consortium in Hudson, NY provides transportation to the towns of Ancram and Copake with FCH funding.  The Consortium has been successful in collecting Medicaid funding for many of these rides.

In eastern Dutchess, FCH was the catalyst behind the creation of the Eastern Dutchess Transportation Taskforce which surveyed the local communities and resulted in a local non-profit establishing a regional transportation service in our communities using federal funds with matching funding coming from FCH and other community partners.  As a regional service, the non-profit provider is talking to each town to ensure they understand the value of the service and asking them to assist in financially supporting the service so as to ensure its sustainability.