Full Proposal

A Full Proposal must include the following:

  1. Organization Coversheet (provided)
  2. Executive Summary of the Proposed Program (1 page), to include:
    • Need and supporting data
    • Service area and population to be served
    • Agency description

    Remember this is a synopsis of the most important points from the Narrative.

  3. Narrative (maximum of 10 pages)
    • Organization Information
      • Organization history
      • Mission and goals, future challenges and long-range plans
      • Current programs and activities
      • Accomplishments
    • Problem Statement
      • Organization history
      • Description of issue and/or need to be addressed by proposed program
      • Supporting facts and documentation of need for the proposed program
    • Project Description
      • Description of proposed program
      • Identification of target population and number of people to be served
      • Project goals, objectives and activities (Note: These will be described in more detail in the required Logic Model)
      • Other organizations or funders participating in the project and their role(s)
      • Timetable for implementation. (Tip: If a similar program has been conducted by your organization or another organization, please discuss its effectiveness. Does the proposed program represent an expansion of services in your area? If yes, justify the expansion and explain how it would not duplicate existing services. If no, define its potential to serve as a model program locally or nationally)
  4. Evaluation (1 page)
    • What impact will your program have?
    • How will you know if the program is successful?
    • Who will evaluate the program?
    • How will the evaluation results be used?
  5. Budget
    • Narrative
      • Explain any unusual line items and/or fiscal issues affecting your organization
      • Present plans for long-term funding following the expiration of the grant
      • Describe efficiencies created, both programmatic and financial (if applicable)
      • Highlight any other funds leveraged for this program
  6. Required Forms and Supporting Documents
    • Organization Coversheet (provided)
    • Logic Model Form (provided)
    • Budget Worksheet (provided)
    • Up to three Letters of Support, Partnership or Collaboration
    • Copy of Agency (or if a very large agency, the appropriate department) Budget
    • Board and staff rosters relevant to this program
    • Annual Report (if available)
    • IRS Letter (501(c)3) Determination Letter
    • Most recently completed Form 990
    • Most recent audit or review

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