Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent, or LOI, is the first step in applying for any funds from the Foundation for Community Health (FCH).  For a letter to be considered, it must not exceed two pages and must be accompanied by an Organization Coversheet and a Budget Worksheet.

Letters of Intent may not be required for Strategic Grants which are typically grants that are made to organizations that have been invited to submit or re-submit a proposal.

Letters of Intent for Opportunistic Grants should be submitted within the two funding cycles outlined.

Letters in response to a specific funding opportunity may have to meet a deadline, see Requests for Proposals for details on any open calls for proposals. 

The Letter of Intent should include:

  1. Organization Coversheet

  2. Organization Information
    Briefly describe your organization's mission, history and current programs.

  3. Purpose of Project
    Briefly describe the need (or problem) being addressed:
    1. If requesting a capacity building grant, describe how the requested funding will increase access to services and/or improve service delivery and outcomes.
    2. If requesting funding for a program or service, identify the target population and estimate the number of people to be served.

  4. Project Description
    Describe the proposed program.  Include project goals and objectives and list other participating agencies and/or funders.  Include a timeline of activities in accomplishing the project. 

  5. Evaluation
    Describe the impact that the project will have, how you will know whether the project was effective and who will evaluate the project?

  6. Budget (submit a budget worksheet)
    Give an estimate of the total funds needed to implement the project, the amount being requested from FCH and any other sources of funding (with amounts for each).  Describe plans for future and long-term funding of this project.

Letters of Intent will be evaluated on:

  • Clarity of problem statement;
  • Relevance of the request to FCH’s priorities and geographic area;
  • Operational soundness of the outlined approach;
  • Feasibility of sustainability after funding;
  • Appropriate balance between the funds requested and project being funded.

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