Past Grants


Tick Borne Diseases: Ecology/Epidemiology to Treatment:  An educational event presented by Dr. Michael Simms for the medical, science and academic community.  

Paperwork Load and Flow Kaizen:  To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of internal operations and paperwork.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

Construction of Dental Clinic:  To establish a new dental practice at the local community health center located in Torrington, CT.

Continuity of Care: Capacity grant to ensure that area clients will be able to maintain services during time of transition in administration.

Upper Litchfield County Transportation Study:  To develop a draft of a plan to improve transportation services in Northern Litchfield County through increased coordination and collaboration of both services and funding sources.

Capacity Building:  3rd year of capacity building support to focus on recruitment and retention, expanding training abilities, and develop a plan to increase operating revenue.

Transportation Program:  To support additional hours of transportation for non-emergency medical appointments and to convene meetings of local transportation providers to better coordinate services.

Annual Contribution:  To support their work and to maintain access to the latest national information on the health grantmaking community.


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