Past Grants


Capacity Building Project Year 2:  To support 2nd year of strategic plan to strength the organization’s ability to carry out its mission to assist youth in their positive growth and development.

Care Partner:  To fund 2 community outreach workers which target seniors and Latinos and assist them in accessing care and services.

Eastern Dutchess Community Collaboration Project year 2:  To fund 2nd year of a community-based mental health collaborative in Eastern Dutchess County who share information, referrals, trainings, as well as identify and complete a joint project.

Parenting Programs:  To conduct a 2nd series of two research-based parenting programs entitled “Managing Defiant Behavior” and "Parenting the Explosive Child” in Eastern Dutchess County.

3rd year of funding for Transportation for Amenia:  For 3rd year of funding operating costs of transportation services.

Care Car:  To purchase a van for transporting the elderly in the Amenia/Wassaic area to medical and social functions.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

The Community Prevention and Care Project:  To support rebuilding of community education programs targeting youth substance abusers and social service providers.

HealthCare Forum:  Supporting a December 06 forum entitled: Health Care for All.

Funded a pilot health video project entitled:  A Tu Salud