Preparing Your Application

All grant requests must be submitted through the Foundation for Community Health’s online grantee portal. For resources on how to register or navigate the portal, click here.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, follow the steps below to learn more about what you’ll need to share with us.

There is a two-stage process for most requests for funding; in Stage 1 applicants submit brief information about their concept or idea. Once reviewed and approved applicants will then be invited to complete Stage 2, and share full proposal information.

The following outlines broadly the information the foundation seeks from solicited and unsolicited grantees.

Stage 1 – Concept/Idea

  • Key information about the organization or fiscal sponsor, including:
    • Contact Information
    • Organization Status
  • Basic information about the project, including:
    • Project Name
    • Project Period
    • Who the project will serve
    • The purpose of the project, the problem it seeks to address or solve, the relevance of your request to FCH’s priorities, and basic details about the project’s operations
  • Budgetary information about the project, including:
    • Requested amount
    • Estimated Project Budget (not exclusive to FCH Funding Request)
    • Descriptive information about what funds would be used towards (e.g. supplies, consultant, personnel)

Stage 2 – Full Proposal

  • The organization’s mission statement
  • An overview of the organization, long-range plans, and accomplishments most related to the proposed project
  • A problem statement, that outlines the problem that the project will be directing its efforts towards
  • A statement detailing the demonstrated need for the project, program or initiative
  • To complete the required logic model for the project, you’ll need to know the objectives, activities and anticipated outputs and outcomes of the project
  • A project timeline that details key events, milestones or activities that will take place during the project period
  • Details about the project’s evaluation plan, what impact, at the time of application, it is believed the project will have, and how results of the project will be used
  • Complete budget information, accounting for all expenses and relevant revenue for the proposed project
  • Supplemental budgetary information such as pending or anticipated funding requests, as well as plans to sustain the project at the conclusion of the grant
  • Documents you’ll need:
    • For non-profits
      • The organization’s 501(c)3 designation letter
      • Form 990 or Form 990 N (“e-Postcard”)
    • Most recent audit or review
    • The organization’s budget or if a large organization, the department budget affiliated with the project
    • Board and staff rosters relevant to the proposed program
    • A recent annual report of the organization (if available)
    • Up to three letters of support, partnership or collaboration
  • For projects that rely significantly on partners, consultants, vendors or subcontractors, the foundation requests a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and/or Scope of Work as appropriate, for each involved

Please note, solicited applicants, may be asked to submit alternative information to the foundation, but requests will not exceed the information listed above.

Not sure if you want to apply? Or want to learn more about what is involved? Complete copies of our application questions can be found below.

Note: These are provided for review purposes only. The foundation will only accept applications submitted through the online grantee portal.

PDF iconStage 1 Questions

PDF iconStage 2 Questions